Command & Control
The Lansing Police Department is commanded by Chief Steve Wayman and Captain Ben Ontiveros. Chief Wayman is ultimately responsible for all actions of the Police Department and the Municipal Court, as well as budget preparation and presentation, personnel matters, policies and procedures and long-range planning. Captain Ontiveros is responsible for investigations, evidence, and emergency preparedness / domestic terrorism.

The Lansing Police Department performs patrol services 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year. The patrol officers conduct:
  • Neighborhood patrols
  • Business and residence checks
  • Traffic control operations
  • Follow-up investigations
  • Counter-drug and counter-alcohol enforcement operations
Employing a technique commonly referred to as community policing, officers at all levels of the department partner with citizens from both the public and private sector to enhance the safety and security of all Lansing residents.

There is currently one Detective within the Police Department. The Detective is responsible for the follow-up investigation, preparation, and delivery of a case to the prosecuting attorney for court action.

Traffic Enforcement
The Lansing Police Department places significant emphasis on the safe operation of motor vehicles within the City limits. A multi-year participant in the Kansas Special Traffic Enforcement Program, the Police Department participates in state-wide enforcement campaigns focused on preventing traffic accidents and injuries through the rigid enforcement of speeding, seatbelt, and drinking-and-driving laws.

Uniform Public Offense Code
View the Lansing Uniform Public Offense Code.