City Boards & Committees

Board of Zoning Appeals

There are five members, each of whom serves a three-year term. Meetings are held as needed to consider specific requests for variances and appeals of the zoning ordinance.


  • Richard Hannon
  • Frank Campana
  • Chad Neidig
  • Timothy Cahill
  • Mike Suozzo

Community Library Board

There are seven members, each serving four-year terms. The Community Library Board discusses topics that will assist in growing the Library and its resources, including programming, policies and make recommendations for the Library budget. Members also promote the Library at various City events and attend training provided by the Northeast Kansas Library System.


  • Susan Connelly
  • Vacant
  • Ellen Hannon
  • Marlee Marshall
  • Jon Moss
  • Ben Ontiveros
  • Shanna Persin

Convention & Tourism Committee

There are six members serving two-year terms. This committee discusses city events, tourism activities, the Lansing Historical Museum, tourism marketing, etc. Committee members are encouraged to attend city events to provide feedback and suggestions as well as events across the country.


  • Barbara Myracle
  • Debbie Deere
  • Jamie Miller
  • Maya Bhakta


  • Matt Schmitz
  • Tim Dossey

Economic Development Committee

There are ten voting members who do not have an ending term. This committee discusses economic development activities in Lansing or activities related to Lansing’s economic future. The committee has discussions regarding marketing activities, business retention, new business prospects, and future development.


  • Gregg Buehler
  • Vacant
  • Vacant
  • Phil Chiles
  • Tom Young
  • Vacant


  • Matt Schmitz
  • Tim Dossey
  • Ken Miller

Media Advisory Committee

Members do not have an ending term. Originally named the "Cable Advisory Committee to oversee LGTV – Channel 2", the committee expanded to discuss the city website, press releases, The Lansing Connection (quarterly City newsletter) and other media. The City has a City of Lansing Facebook page and Twitter account.


  • Vacant
  • Dan Wessel

  • Matt Schmitz
  • Tim Dossey
  • Ken Miller

Parks Advisory Board

There are 13 voting members, each serving a two-year term. The Parks and Recreation Advisory Board is responsible for advising the City Council on all matters pertaining to Parks and Recreation. The board meets once in January, March, May, July, September, and November.


  • Robert Lamborn
  • John Orkwis
  • Tom Farris
  • Michelle Briggs
  • Thomas Bruscino
  • Michael Williams
  • Garrett Martin
  • Cheryl Farris
  • Mike Smith
  • Tom Pawlowski
  • Barbara Hindman
  • Gregg Buehler
  • David Trinkle, Jr.
  • Kerry Brungardt


  • Jason Crum
  • Christina Moberly
  • Susie Lillard

Planning Commission

There are seven members each serving three-year terms. The Planning Commission considers applications for items including Rezoning, Preliminary and Final Plats, Preliminary and Final Development Plans, Conditional Use Permits, and Lot Splits. The commission recommends approval, approval with conditions, or disapproval to the City Council. They meet on the third Wednesday of every month, if there is old or new business to consider.


  • Amy Baker
  • Mike Suozzo
  • Ron Barry
  • Nancy McDougal
  • Jake Kowalewski
  • Jerry Gies
  • Kirsten Moreland

Tree Board

There are seven members each serving three-year terms. The Tree Board is responsible for advising the City Council on matters pertaining to community trees. The board meets once in January, March, September, and November each year.


  • Al Gledhill
  • John Bennett
  • Randy Dorf
  • Kevin Gardner
  • Kevin Jensen
  • Barb Eikmeier
  • Vic Young