2014 Trash Collection Information

News About Collection
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Directions From Deffenbaugh for Trash & Recycling

The new cart trash and recycling program began March 1, 2012. Carts will be delivered in February; Deffenbaugh will send notification to every resident via USPS mail several weeks prior to delivery of the carts. Residents can begin using carts immediately upon delivery. Follow links for FAQs and Cart Placement.

Deffenbaugh and the city of Lansing encourage all residents to sign up for Alerts.

Here is some additional information:
  • Recycling List
  • Yes / No Recycling Decal (this list is also inscribed on top of your recycling container.)
  • Pay As You Throw Overage Sticker - Call 913-727-3233 between 8:00 am and 5:00 pm to purchase these stickers, which allow residents to dispose of additional trash and / or yard waste.
  • The yard waste collection limits are eight (8) bags / bundles or containers in the months of March - August and twelve (12) bags / bundles or containers in the months of September - December.
  • The city of Lansing and Deffenbaugh are now offering "amnesty days" - the Friday collection days after Independence Day and Christmas when extra bags can be placed at the curb without the need for an overage sticker. Call 913-727-3233 if you have questions.

Yard Debris

Place your yard waste in biodegradable bags (available at any local hardware store) in a 32 gallon bin (top must be level and clearly labeled yard waste), or in a bundle no more than 18 inches in circumference and not longer than 4 (four) feet in length. Items cannot weigh more than 65 lbs. Items must be placed curbside for collection.

There is no list of excluded items - if it can be composted, it is acceptable so long as the above directions are followed. Please note that treated wood such as landscaping timbers are not acceptable.