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1. Where is the Police Department located?
2. What is the Police Department's fax number?
3. What is the non-emergency phone number for the Police Department?
4. What number do I call if I need an Officer to respond after regular business hours, on weekends or holidays?
5. How Do I Get a Copy of a Police Report?
6. How Can I Obtain a Copy of My Driving Record?
7. Can I Request Extra Patrol by My House When I Go on Vacation?
8. What is the Curfew for Juveniles in the City of Lansing?
9. Are Door to Door Sales Legal in Lansing?
10. Can I shoot an air gun, air rifle, bow and arrow, slingshot, bb gun or paint ball gun within the City limits?
11. Do I need to register my pet and if so, how much does it cost to register my pet with the City of Lansing?
12. How many cats and/or dogs am I allowed to have?
13. Are pit bull breed dogs permitted in the City of Lansing?